Price Tracker: Crowdsourcing the Lowest Prices Online for Ingredients, Supplies and Disposables

Here’s a running list of all the ingredients and supplies that I regularly use when barbecuing – and the cheapest places to find them.

Please be sure to leave a comment (or email me) if you find a cheaper source for any of these items, and I’ll be sure to give you credit.

Also, let me know if there are other supplies that you use, that I need to add to the list.


My running list of convenient quantities at the best prices.



  • Boardwalk Plastic Cups, 7 oz, 2500 ct (Walmart) (added 9/16/2019)
  • Great Value Paper Napkins, 500 ct (Walmart) (added 9/16/2019)
  • Great Value Aluminum Foil, 180 sq ft (Walmart) (added 9/16/2019)
  • Great Value Coated Paper Plate, 8 5/8″, 300 ct (Walmart) (added 9/16/2019)


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